Collection: PoppyClips Accessories

PoppyClips brand are a magnetic accessory that change the fit and look of your clothes.  They come in two styles, the original PoppyClips for sleeves, and FitClips for tops, dresses, cardigans and more. A third style was created, BootClips, to add some fun and style to your boots. And of course, there are so many more uses!

PoppyClips come as a pair and are designed to hold your long sleeves up, giving you a 3/4 length or short sleeve.  Each clip is folded in half and are magnetic on the ends, topped off with a beautiful embellishment on the end that is displayed

FitClips comes as a two-piece bar style with magnets at each end.  They have a front (outside) and back (inside) that you use to change the fit of your clothes.  Embellishments are on each end of the outer bar for a beautiful look. 

*change long sleeves to shorter sleeves
*hold cuffs at the ankle or shorts
*adjust the hem of your shirt in one or two sections
*add to plain canvas shoes for a little pop of color and style
*add to shoulders of your wide-neck tops to keep bra straps from showing
*change a short sleeve shirt to a tank 
*add to your top to create a loop for your reading glasses…they won’t fall off if you bend over!
*great for your kids clothes when they are a little too big!

*cinch in the front or side waist of a loose top
*cinch in the back of the waist to create a bustle-look
*give a loose top a baby-doll/A-frame look
*keep lapels of cardigan sweaters together 

*add to the back of your rain boots
*add to your cowboy boots
*add to your open-ended scarf to make an infinity scarf
*add to your cowl neck sweaters for a new look

Are you a mom-to-be?  PoppyClips are a great way to accentuate your gorgeous baby bump and extend the life of your maternity clothing during pregnancy.

You can also add any of these to your shoes, purses, hats, bags, use as bookmarks, hold lightweight curtains, & so much more!

The beauty is, you can make all these adjustments without sewing, gluing or damaging your items!