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Jennifer Simmons

Hello!  I'm Jennifer Simmons, but since we're hanging out, please call me Jenn.  So what can be said about me that is truly useful here? I'm a little warped and can find humor in pretty much anything, especially at the most inappropriate time and place. I like to think I'm funny, my family will tell you emphatically, that I am not... but perhaps a bit more sarcastic.  Not in a mean way, just kind of... salty. And dark. Not sure if these correlate, but I'm over 50 and tend to speak my mind; consider yourself warned!  If you offend easily, that's a bummer proceed with caution!

I am adopted, have been married/divorced/remarried, have a kid, bonus-kids some of whom are older than me, grandkids and great-grandkids. I have roughly 3+ sets of parents, and at some point have had at least that many grandparents, bonus-grandparents, and in-laws. Why not throw in a little LGBTQ, right? My Sonshine is the light of my life and our comedy relief. Oh, and I love cats - we have two new kittens and I'm in love!! I'll be the old, crazy cat lady someday. Also, I clearly love pineapples, the international sign of welcome, by the way, and palm trees - pretty much anything tropical. Which is slightly amusing since I'm the color of vampires and allergic to the sun. Ahhh the irony...

I come from a small family, and most of my adult life I worked as a civilian in county and city law enforcement (911/HR/Crime Analysis).  My dad, brother, step-dad and husband all worked as peace officers, and my mom is a retired nurse, so that explains why I'm a little warped.

My hubby is a little older than me....ok, maybe a lot older, so when he retired as a Police Chief, I got to go, too! YAY!!!!  But let me tell you, I can say that now; back then...not so much. I’ve always worked. Not working and being self sufficient sounded scary and crazy, as my parents raised me to always take care of myself.

Enter direct sales...yes, the dreaded MLM! 😱

After graduating from high school, I actually started in direct sales, mainly to get my favorite eye makeup remover at cost, but never thought of it as a 'real' business.  After about a year and a half, I quit. Fast forward several years, I married, had a son, divorced and remarried.  All this time, I still used my favorite makeup products from that MLM.  Shortly after my husband and I retired, at an outing for lunch, my normally rather subdued hubby commented on our waitress. She was clearly a beautiful woman, but he remarked she needs Mary Kay!  I cracked up because, yes…yes indeed, she did!  And Code 3 at that!  Emerald green eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lipstick all on the wrong color of foundation for her skin tone. Lord love a duck ...and bless her heart!

I texted my MLM dealer and asked if she was available, so I could sign up again. If you are in or ever did direct sales, you know that never happens. That was nearly  15 year ago. Since then, I have also joined and left a variety of Direct Selling companies.  Not because I'm flakey, but because I'd rather join a company for a short period of time, to get the best price for the products I love. I have even been a kit-knapper on a few occasions - one who buys the starter kit with no intention of actually running a business. 

Let's be honest, Direct Sales can be difficult and is not as easy as one might think. Then there is the 'Kool-aid.'  Direct Sales companies typically shout out part-time work for full-time pay, be your own boss, set your own hours, and the biggie, earn unlimited income.  While those things are factually possible, they are soooo unlikely to actually happen.

Don't get me wrong, I've had a few sips of that yummy Kool-aid! MLM's can be a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of work, and way more so than what they usually let on.  

Unfortunately, direct sales, MLM's, and the like, are now dirty words and often make people cringe, especially in recent years. And for good reason!  Some companies lack proper ethical training for their consultants, some individuals simply have poor ethics, while others simply have no good sense.

I have been super lucky to not have lost money, as is often the case.  Luck is definitely the operative word here, as I have never taken any type of business classes.  I've been blessed to have knowledgeable and ethical up lines (the people who signed me up) as well as I have a decent BS-ometer.  

For now, I remain with one direct sales company, as they offer great products that I believe in and use personally, as well as they have proven to be ethical - not just from my upline, but also from the home office. If you have any questions, I will gladly share my knowledge and experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly.

I hope thru my blog posts,  which are sparse, you can find something useful or amusing to brighten your day.  

If blog stuff is not your cup of tea and you're just here to shop, awesome! My goal is to help make you feel pretty, confident and enjoy the little things in life.  Why is that so important to me? Because I hate shopping. Like... really hate shopping. Not only for myself, but also for others - only because finding that just right item for her/him is so hard to find.  I aways leave the stores seriously bummed. So, if I can help you in the tiniest way with some of my wares or even with one of my rare blog posts, then my business will be a success!

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