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Our collection of hand-crafted greeting cards and paper craft fare offer something special for every occasion. With attention to detail and quality materials, each item is designed to bring a smile to everyone's face. Enjoy them for yourself or give as a gift - either way you'll love the personalized touch!

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Garden Stakes, Sun Catchers & More

Deck out your outdoor space with our hand-crafted Garden Stakes & Sun Catchers, for a fun and unique way to dress up your yard, patio or porch.

You can also use our Garden Stakes to brighten up your indoor potted plants! They are a perfect whimsical designs, for adding a pop of color and a smile to your home!

Garden Stakes & More!
  • I can’t pick which Paisley Raye style I love the best. I’ll just go with the Shacket. It’s more tailored than the regular shawls and wraps that you see everywhere. The fabric has more body so the lapels aren’t so sloppy and from the back it looks like a regular jacket. I feel more “put together” wearing it than all the other styles out there. I ❤️ Pineapples and Palm Trees!

    - Jane K.

  • Pineapples and Palm Trees has thoughtful customer service. If I'm looking for an item that is not displayed, Jenn will go out of her way to track it down. Sometimes it's a long shot, but I appreciate that she tries harder than most. I love the variety of things she offers, too!

    - Livv P.

  • Thanks so much, I think your the first person I've ordered from (out of hundreds) to send me a Thank You email. I do appreciate your amazing customer service & fantastic pieces. I will absolutely be back for more 💖

    -Maggie A.

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