Here is some quick info to help you make your payment via PayPal. 

Whether you have a personal account or a business account, you may make a payment via PayPal in the following two ways:

Friends and Family (PPFF) OR Goods and Services (PPGS)

Payment made via PayPal Friends and Family is designed for people you know and trust.  Typical examples include paying your mom back for all the groceries she bought for you at Costco, paying your BFF back for your concert tickets she paid for on her credit card, or paying for your fabulous new dress & earrings from your favorite online retailer (that's me!), that you have shopped with for a long time.

Many of my customers who know me feel comfortable paying via Friends and Family.  When you pay this way, I do not have to pay fees to PayPal, they are simply providing the service for the transfer of money.   You have no ‘consumer protections’ provided by PayPal.

Payment made via PayPal Goods and Services is designed for consumers who are paying to a business.  A typical example would be purchasing something online for a product or service from someone you do not know, nor have you purchased from, previously.  If you are a new customer, please select this option!

To pay via PayPal Friends and Family (PPFF)

  1. Log into your PayPal account at
  1. Select Send Money.
  1. You should have a drop down screen that gives you the choice to pay via Goods and Services or Friends and Family. Choose Friends and Family.
  1. Enter my email address:, then enter the amount due. If you would like to add a note, you can do that here, as well. Sample note:  Jenn, you are amazing, thank you so much for my goodies!
  1. Typically, your account defaults to make payments via your PayPal balance, unless you have manually set it up to come from your bank account or credit card. The next screen allows you to change (if needed) and it shows that there is no fee for the transaction. 
  1. Click Send Money Now and your transaction is complete. You can verify your transaction by going back to your summary page.
  1. Notification of payment is generally made within 10 minutes of your payment. Once received, your goodies will ship the following day!

To pay via Goods and Services, simply click the yellow PayPal button and the amount due will be deducted from your default account.

If you get stuck, please reach out to me at (916) 769-3597 and I’m happy to walk you through it