About Planet

Planet—Carbon‑neutral shipping

In May of 2022, Shopify switched from the Offset app for carbon neutralization shipping, to Planet. 

Neutralize your shipping emissions

With Planet, every time we ship an order, we will support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. Each project has been vetted by the Shopify Sustainability Fund, which has committed more than $30 million to these same projects.

How it works

Every month, Planet calculates the total shipping emissions generated by our orders and charges us based on the price of the Planet subscription plan we've selected, which is the most aggressive, so about 15 cents (USD) per order, but actual cost will vary based on shipping distance, package weight, and mode of transportation, all of which affect a delivery's emissions. All of this money goes toward carbon removal and ensures that your shipping is carbon neutral. This cost is absorbed by us and is not factored into product or shipping prices.

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