Why You Want To Be Familiar With Color Palettes

Why You Want To Be Familiar With Color Palettes

Why You Want To Be Familiar With Color Palettes

When you hear color palette, what do you think of? Art class? Graphic design?  Going to the paint store? Makeup? Home decor? Well, you thought right! Check out why you want to at least be familiar with color palettes even if you are not in the industry.

In a nutshell, a color palette is simply a range of colors. But, when it comes to fashion, it is what determines an entire season of colors. Pantone is THE company that sets the stage for the seasons colors, among a million other fabulous things they do. Pantone releases them for both New York and London. It is from here, that other companies choose their designs and colors.

Being familiar with the next seasons color palette can help you not only with your wardrobe and makeup, but also your home decor - in other words, everything that surrounds fashion and decor.  Now it should all make sense that when you go to your local retail store, you see rows and rows of particular patterns and colors.

Of course these are not the only colors you'll see, but they are the baseline colors and you will definitely see everything trend with these.

Let's be honest. If you are not in the art or fashion industry directly, most of us are too busy with kids, school, sports, work, pets, and so much more, to pay much attention. Most of us are lucky to have time to use the restroom by ourselves, let alone keep up with all the fun stuff! So while you may not have time to keep up with all the latest fashion trends, but enjoy it just just enough to see what's new, being familiar with the Pantone color palette for New York (if you're in the States, or London, if you're abroad) is your best way to keep up and be in the knowwhen it comes to upcoming fashion trends.

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