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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Paisley Raye Over Other Clothing Brands

Simply doing five minutes of research on Google or Pinterest, you will find that there are a TON of Direct Selling companies to choose from.  But which do you pick and why?  Before we go much further you need to know your WHY.  Why are you choosing direct sales as opposed to working for someone else? Some of the most common answers are:

  • Income
  • Flexibility
  • Tax write-off’s
  • Meet new people
  • Buying product at cost
  • New baby at home, need girl/adult time
  • Something different/challenge for yourself

Whatever your reason, now you’re ready to tackle the top 5 reasons to sell Paisley Raye over other clothing brands.

1. You like clothes!

Who doesn’t like clothing and fashion, right?  It just makes sense to choose a brand that is representative of you and your tastes.  Paisley Raye is beautiful on all sizes, has a bit of a retro-flair that is always in fashion, is fun, functional and can be worn in several environments from the office, a night on the town, travel, date night, outings with girls, and so much more. Other popular brands are more casual and/or costly.  Paisley Raye is the perfect brand for almost all occasions.

2. Paisley Raye is Made in the USA

Most other popular clothing brands have few, if any products made in the USA. Why is this important? Aside from providing jobs, it provides better quality control.  Mistakes happen, it’s a part of life and business.  When clothing is mass manufactured in enormous volumes overseas, mistakes may not be identified until they reach consumers. By the time that happens, several more runs with high volumes will have already been produced with the same mistake.  By having clothing made in the USA, it allows for more runs with smaller volumes, which allows quality control to quickly stay on top of improvements faster.

3. Stylish

If I had my way for daily wear, I’d either dress like a princess in a sparkly gown so I always look and feel my best or I’d like to dress like a couch bum, sans bra and all.  Unless you’re having tea with Her Royal Highness or it’s a Saturday, chances are you will fall somewhere in the middle.

Paisley Raye is the perfect company in that they offer stylish clothing that allows you to have fun and be casual or step up your game for all but formal events. Prints are current, on-trend and are flattering no matter the size produced, which ranges from XS – 3XL.   

4. Product Cost

Even though I consider Paisley Raye to be higher end clothing compared to most other direct selling brands, the price is spot on! In direct sales, other clothing brands who tend to be more casual have equal or higher prices.  Paisley Raye prices are well below store-front name brands with high quality

5. Start Up Cost

Keeping in mind that Paisley Raye is not a business in a box (where initial starter kits are typically $99 + tax/shipping).  Paisley Raye gives each new consultant two start up options, $5,000 or $ 2,500. Both packages include a wide range of products and you may choose to carry as much or as little product as you’d like.  With any business you start, whether it’s a business in a box, franchise or something in between, aside from the initial product purchase, there will always be additional costs.  With Paisley Raye, some of those costs will include hangers, racks and dividers.  If you plan to do vendor events, you may wish to consider tables, chair, and a tent. 

So as you can see, choosing to sell Paisley Raye over other clothing brands is a no-brainer. Looking for additional Paisley Raye information?  Join our Facebook VIP Group!

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