Is my WHY offensive?

Is my WHY offensive?

Is my WHY offensive?

One of the many buzz words you hear in direct sales is your WHY.  No matter what company you choose in direct sales, you will need to know your WHY.  In recruiting, it is useful to share it with others in a genuine, succinct way. But I always wonder, is my WHY offensive?  Pretty sure the  answer is yes, at least some of the time.  That's ok, I can live with it - everyone has different reasons for choosing a direct selling job.

In sales, you often hear that people don't buy the product you sell, they buy YOU.  It makes sense.  When you are relatable, people will gravitate to you.  But I’ll be honest - sharing my WHY has always made me hugely uncomfortable!

Over the years in direct sales, many of the trainings I attended spent a lot of time on your WHY.  Usually tear-jerker stories seem to be the most popular in discussions.  Some sappy, some seriously heart-warming.  I do love it when everything works out and everyone lives happily ever after.  For the record, yes, I love any chic flick that has a happily ever after! And yes, I know that ‘chic’ is not PC.  I’m sorry you are offended, but I told you this would happen in about me.

But not everyone has that tear-jerker me.

Some get into direct sales to help a friend or family member reach a certain goal for prizes, awards or promotions.  I know, not very ethical, but what can they care? Many are Mom’s that just need to get out of the house to have a poop-free few hours and adult conversation.  And maybe a cocktail or three.

Some enjoy girl-time and just want to connect with others and make new friends.  The savvy ladies will join as kit-nappers, and have no intention of doing anything after they get their starter kit. I love it when a consultant points out this option, because who doesn't want more for less?

Most who join direct sales simply want a few extra dollars for a future vacation, special project around the house or maybe for activities for the kids.  Then there are those who are in dire financial straits. That is a very big motivator and I find it interesting that many who are extremely successful in direct sales have this experience.

My WHY?  Eye roll please…I just want tax the write offs.  That’s it.  Anything that happens after that for me is just icing on the cake.  But I always feel embarrassed and shallow when I talk about my WHY.  Even if I don't say anything directly, the implications are enough to make me mute. ok, yeah, I'm never mute, maybe I'll just change the subject.  I am super blessed to say that I don't do direct sales for the income.  Don't get me wrong, it's nice!  But, my hubby and I are retired and are financially in a good place.

It is difficult when speaking to a group, whether it is your team mates or those looking to join you, you find that many have immense struggles; mostly financial, some emotional and/or relationship related, etc.  So yeah, in comparison, my WHY feels offensive!  After all, who says I don't need the money?  Rich a**holes... However, I can say that I have seen an enormous amount of people, particularly women, who through their direct selling business, overcame their struggles and found success.  Yet another reason I love direct sales.

I point all this out, because knowing your WHY is important, even if you feel a bit like an ass-hat.  AND it is important to understand the many reasons that others get into direct sales, especially if you are going to recruit in your own business.

So should I say I'm sorry or you’re welcome?   Comment with your thoughts here.

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